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Everyone should own a Big Moss putting and chipping green. I do, and absolutely LOVE it! The truest and most honest surface available.


Big Moss Putting Greens provide my students the opportunity to build a stroke as pure as the roll of a Big Moss putting green. I LOVE my Big Moss putting greens and know every golfer would LOVE one as well.

Joe Muscella

Hi Michael,

 I just wanted to thank you again for sending me your Michael Breed Birdie Path putting mat. I received it last week and was blown away at how fast I got it. The first thing I realized immediately after using it with the alignment string along with the markings is that I have been standing incorrectly at address since day one causing most of my putting grief . Using the alignment string is such a game changer! It seems like such a small adjustment but it really makes all the difference. The mat is incredibly high quality and lays perfectly flat. I can't wait to get some better weather and see how much lower my scores will be! I can't thank you enough and I am thrilled that I can practice the worst part of my game anytime I want. I have been recommending this mat to all my friends and I'm sure if they haven't gotten one yet, once we get out on the course and see my improvement they will order one for themselves. Happy holidays and thanks again.

Joe Muscella 




On Friday, January 27, my Competitor Pro putting surface arrived via U.P.S. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today, I’ve spent approximately two hours a day practicing. The putting surface fills our front hall.


It’s amazing! Everything I read about the Big Moss surface is true.


A little history. In 1972, I purchased my only set of golf clubs, including a Wilson Staff putter. After much practice and dedication, was shooting low eighties playing honest golf, (never shot a 79).


In 1982, I purchased a 30’ sailboat thereby virtually banning golf from my life. Three years ago the boat was sold. Friends got me started back into golf playing about five times in 2015, and eight times in 2016. In fall, I decided to get back onto golf seriously, and purchased a new set of Callaway clubs, along with a new Odyssey putter.


Using the Big Moss practice surface over the last four days, my putting has gone from missing 90% of all putts of all lengths to making approximately 95% of short putts (six feet and under) to 50% of long putts (up to ten and a half feet). My best effort on long putts was six in a set from ten and a half feet. (Five balls were stacked in a pyramid with the sixth ball bouncing off.


The putting surface is great for practicing distance putts and I’ve developed several drills to utilize the full surface of the competitor pro.


They say practice makes perfect. Your Big Moss putting surface makes for perfect practicing.

Have not yet tried the chipping mat as the hallway is not ideal for swinging a club. When the garage is empty in the spring, will be making full use of the mat.)


Thank you for a great product.


Warren E. Page


I have been using Big Moss putting greens for over 15 years.  I first discovered them in the late 90s at a Nevada Bob’s golf store.  While there were tons of putting greens to choose from, I was easily able to see that the Big Moss green was the closest thing to putting on a good green… all the rest were that junky fake plastic grass stuff we all know about!  I purchased my first one and brought it home and set it up in the basement.  It quickly became a regular activity for my friends and I to play on.  Whether it was to just practice our putting, or for some “friendly wagers,” we found ourselves putting on this thing for hours… not only were we testing our putting skills, but we also tested who could put the most challenging break into it for the others to putt  with.


While in college, I picked up a TW series green to fit in my house… once again, this thing became the center of fun for my friends and I… often times, like good college kids, we’d stumble home, and putt til 5 or 6 in the morning and keep the refreshments coming… The quality of the green lasted thru all 5 of my years (and 5 years’ worth of partying) in college and it left college looking as good as it did the day it came out of the box.


Several years later, I finally purchased my first condo in Chicago and I knew that I needed to get a bigger putting green for my new place and I knew the only place to get one from was Tony at Big Moss.  This time I purchased the Augusta and while I may have been putting on them for 15 years, two things never changed… one was the quality… To this day, my putting green still looks as good as it did the day it came out of the box… and two… somehow, like it has for the last 15 years, the Big Moss gathers my friends over like nothing else for putting contests and a few drinks…


Whether you are focusing on becoming a better putter, or want to just have fun with it (and 5 other friends)… there is no better putting green on the market that Big Moss Golf!


Brian Silver


Clemmy’s Ice Cream


 Tony & all of the guys at Big Moss Golf,

 Thank you for such a special, fast delivery; that was so nice of you.  I checked out a lot of putting greens and I must say I am so pleased with my Big Moss green. I rolled on it today and was amazed when I took my first stroke only minutes later.  It rolls so good & you can miss a putt right at the lip.  Chipping is just like a real green! The construction of these greens is fantastic; this is the REAL DEAL.  I run a golf pro shop at a golf course here in Birmingham, MI & have to say that this green rolls like the ones in our practice area. 

 Thank you again Tony, and the employees at Big Moss Golf,

 Mark Teggart



The best investment you can make in your golf game.

I have had this great product for over a year. There is NOTHING you can do for your game that will improve your confidence more than making 100's of 3, 4, 5, and 6 ft putts. Very well built and should last forever. On the TW Series greens, one direction rolls a little faster than the other. Easy to set up to make right or left breakers. Investment is less than one green fee at a high quality course! You just lay the green out and start draining putts! I put a log on the wall to track how many putts I make.  Five minutes of deliberate practice will cut way down on three putts and build your confidence.



Dear Big Moss, I recently received delivery of The Competitor TW 3'x 12' putting green. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I'm a high handicapper with a limited budget for golf accessories. I'm one of the millions of guys whose "putting practice" consists of ten minutes on the practice green before playing a round of golf. While good for "warming up", that never did anything toward helping me work out the glitches in my stroke, which are considerable. As a result, I decided to buy a home putting green so that I could get in some quality practice and actually improve my game. I did a LOT of research on the internet and saw some ads on The Golf Channel before purchasing a Big Moss product. I LOVE IT AND DO NOT REGRET A SINGLE PENNY THAT I SPENT, even though I spent about twice what I had planned. Worth every cent. The quality of the green is magnificent. I can tell already that, with some VERY minor maintenance/care efforts, this green will serve me the rest of my life. It's that well made. As I took it out of the shipping box, I was going "Wow...this is really going to be NICE." I was nervous that I would get bored with straight putts, but with the "Break Snakes" and varying sized cups, there are endless possibilities for different breaks and speeds that will help improve your game. There is a discernible difference in putting "with" or "against" the grain, so that in itself keeps practice interesting. After putting at the reduced-size cups, the regular cup seems like you're putting into a laundry basket. Although I've only had it for a week, about 15-20 minutes a day has already smoothed out several deficiencies in my stroke. I have a long way to go in order to be where I want, but I've made big improvements already in terms of consistency. At my level, putting is about a third of my game, so I expect this putting green to give me a 4-8 stroke improvement...at LEAST. Just having the ability to fine tune those 4'-8' putts is huge, because those are the ones have consistently cost me strokes. I'm able to practice aim, pace, and consistency, all in the comfort of my own home. Just like any other game-improvement tool, it's only as good as the effort you're willing to put into it. But so far, I'm enjoying it, I'm having fun, and I've smoothed out my putting stroke. By the time my wife asked me to demonstrate it for her, I sunk three consecutive 10' putts which was WAY above my normal ability. Admittedly, the lines were straight and flat, but it still demonstrated that I was smoothing out my stroke and gaining some consistency. At that point, even my wife was cheering it as a good purchase. My package included the chipping options, which I haven't even gotten into yet, so I'm looking forward to even more fun. The bottom line is this: I took a gamble and bought your product and I couldn't be happier with it. It has already improved my game and I know its going to get even better. There are NO MIRACLE solutions to playing golf and I don't pretend that this is going to fix all the deficiencies in my putting game. However, there is no doubt that it's going to significantly improve my putting game and that's all I was hoping for. THANK YOU!!

Regards, Russell R. Chard Hollywood, Florida



Big Moss Golf has the best greens around....just sayin'


Mark Murphy Golf ~

Thanks for an amazing indoor putting green best in the business.



Hey Guys: I wanted to take a moment and send you a note, if you had a link to leave reviews I would have certainly done so.... My wife gave me the Admiral for Christmas, after my research and suggestions by fellow GolfWRX'rs I gave her your website and told her that the Admiral was the one. Boy am I happy, my 8 year old and I are on it every day! I recently got back from a golf trip to Vegas and had one of my best rounds in years, -1, partly caddie assistance, but I was also putting lights out! All because of the Admiral! Please feel free to share my comments with others, I am a 5 handicap, that hopes to soon be scratch and thanks in part to BIG MOSS and The Admiral... Keep up the good work, and hitt'm straight! For the love of the game,

Ricky Parrish


GOLFDOTZ - David Poole

Thanks to Mark Murphy Golf we hooked up and I am loving the two greens I bought! Fantastic product works beautifully. ~~ Putting practice made easy.


Loving the practice green we bought from you at the Chicago golf show!!!


I was more than pleased when my custom Big Moss, the Cape, arrived today...and even more pleased when I sunk the first putt with a perfectly true roll to the cup. I have never had anything custom made with my specs that was manufactured and shipped the same day I sent the spec and drawing....fantastic customer service! I did a ton of research before deciding on Big Moss...and I am glad I did.

Your suggestions on the design for my space paid off...I have more options and paths to the four holes...and natural breaks across the green. The rich, deep green tone of the surface surprised my wife...I think she thought it  was going to look like a toy from the pictures I showed her of some of your competitors. I debated on getting the "one hole" rectangular mats that others make, but decided on yours for the sheer fun beyond the training and quality aspects built into your greens.

The roll is true, the speed is perfect, the look is superb...and the ability to control subtle breaks is easy and effective.

It is always difficult to buy something untouched and it was a great relief to open up the package, putt all day and see the quality that your greens exude.

Nice job, great service, great product.

Dan Fazio




Dear Big Moss,


I am a TOP 100 club fitter in Kansas City and have had a Big Moss General for almost 10 years.  I just wanted to say that it is still in great shape and still putts wonderful.  The absolute best you can buy for true roll and durability.


Thank you,


Mike Dickerson 

Golf MD



 Merry Christmas,

 I just wanted to follow up and offer thanks. I ordered the Country Club 12 and my son loves it! It really does offer TRUE ROLL as you stated.

 Many Thanks,



Tim Rode

Hi Big Moss

I recently received my EX2 putting green and it does everything I’d hoped.

I was putting on the carpet until now and the ball’s roll was unpredictable, too fast, and just generally frustrating.

The Big Moss putting surface provides a more realistic speed and the ball roles very true. The bounce and release of a short chip is also very realistic.

Very happy with the product.

Tim Rode

Kelowna, BC, Canada