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About Us

Big Moss Golf started as a tool I needed to become a better golfer. After playing golf for about a year I realized I would not get any better unless I practiced everyday, or at least as much as possible.

While playing alongside seasoned golfers I always asked them what it takes to become better and I kept hearing the same thing -- "TIME OVER THE BALL."

So I started going to the driving range whenever I had a spare minute, but the investment of time and money was becoming a problem (just ask my wife). I practiced nearly everyday and over the course of a summer  I developed a pretty good swing. However, after shooting a decent round (at that time a 95 was decent) I would follow it up with a 105 and go home frustrated.

I was hitting the ball well, but around the greens I was horrible. No touch and no feel;  I just could not score. I purchased a cheap putting strip with an automatic ball return and used it frequently.  It did help, but my scores did not come down. After two months of regular use, the generic putting strip was near the end of it's lifespan.

I then purchased a 3' x 9' putting green for $59.00 that was shaped more like a green, but after only two weeks it was permanently wrinkled and rolled horribly. Basically, it was a piece of low-grade green felt with an edging, but it gave me the illusion that I was practicing. After all, I did have a putter in my hands, but I never improved because it did not in the least look or roll like a real putting green.

At the time I was working in the flooring industry and was removing some very low-cut carpet out of a nearby church. The carpet was worn, green in color, and in really great condition. As I was lugging it out to the dumpster I had a great idea; I'll make a putting green out of the carpet! So I loaded up the van with a few pieces of the carpet and took it home.

After making my first crude prototype, I showed a few friends. They liked it, but in their honest opinions proclaimed it was "just a piece of carpet with a hole in it." The ball tracked and the carpet grooved so every putt funneled into the hole after only a few weeks of play. Everyone I asked about a practice green made out of carpet said the same thing -- "carpet won't work," "its slow," "it leaves a groove," "it's not realistic", etc. Well I had a different idea...

I loved the hand-cut shape of the green with its subtle curves and contours. All the other practice greens on the market were machined rectangles -- no feeling at all. All I had to do now was find a surface that rolls like a real green. To make a long story short, I searched high and low and found a commercial nylon floor covering that didn't track, was extremely fast, and rolled true. With the utmost excitement I produced my second prototype and it turned out incredibly.

My friends and I were playing on it every time they visited. Every time my wife and I would invite friends over they would ask, "Should we bring our putters?" We played an 18-hole game on the green that was absolutely a gas! Everyone enjoyed it and kept telling me I should market my putting green.

I began asking myself, “Who can I confide in that will help me test and market this putting green idea?” It must be someone who knows golf and has a sharp business sense to recognize if this product could prosper within the golf industry. The first person that came to mind was my brother-in-law, Ken Molnar. Ken has golfed most of his life and I remember a family party at his house where I saw several sets of clubs in his basement along with every gadget pertaining to golf. If anyone would know if there's a market for this, he would. So I invited Ken over for a test-run. He loved the concept, but we agreed it was far from ready for the marketplace.

After more research, we found out there was nothing on the market that was shaped like a putting green. It became apparent that not only could we putt on our green, but we can realistically chip on it as well! We both felt we had a winning idea and became very interested in creating and perfecting a practice tool golfers could place in their home, office, or anywhere (it’s portable) that would help them to become better players. Essentially, Big Moss Golf was born.

We both decided to go into business. Ken handled the sales and operations and I would was responsible for product development. Chris, Ken's younger brother, came on board as the marketing and web development manager.

In the meantime, I was determined to create the finest putting and chipping green on the market. We put our heads together and participated in a few trade shows where the response was overwhelmingly positive. We knew we had a winner...

We now have our surface specially-designed for Big Moss Putting & Chipping greens, and our foundations are cut to our precise specifications. We have added Break Snakes for varying the terrain and chipping mats. We also try to keep our greens affordable, so every golfer can enjoy his own Big Moss without a crippling investment. We offer a 6' x 15' putting green for under $550.00. That's a lot of green folks!

Now back to my golf game. This all started back in 1996, and like I mentioned, it was lucky for me to break 100. Since starting Big Moss, I practice year-round on my putting and chipping and have improved dramatically. The point successful golfers made to me when I started, “time over the ball” will improve your scores is all true! In the 1999 golf season I broke 80 twice, won my league championship, and had my handicap down to an incredible 10! That's a drop of over twenty points in only one year. I feel I can putt and chip with the best of 'em. There is no reason you cannot do the same for your golf game.

We feel we have created one of the best Short Game Systems in the world. The versatility of this product teaches us to score without having to spend countless hours at the range, or thousands of dollars on so-called straighter-hitting clubs, balls, swing gadgets, titanium super drivers, or whatever! It’s all about practice. You need to learn how to score, and I give you my personal guarantee that if you purchase a Big Moss Putting Green and practice putting and chipping on it for just a half-hour per day, your scores WILL come down. Or send it back for a full refund. I guarantee it.

Tony Persico
Big Moss Golf

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